The Results Are In!

24 January 2020

Hey there RV peeps! Last week, we ran a poll on your views towards Australia Day and whether you think the date we celebrate it should change or stay as January 26.

Once again, we heard you – as did most of the media centres in the country! You made it onto the front page of Wednesday’s The West Australian, got your own segment on Sunrise and the Channel 7 evening news, and even got mentioned by Eagle’s star Nic Naitanui.

Overall, 65% of you wanted to keep the date the same, but there’s some pretty big difference among different generations! 

Thanks to everyone who took part – your voice is more powerful than ever!


21 October 2019

Over 700 of our West Australians recently had their say about daylight savings - and it looks like it's still split!

Just over half of you (around 55%) support having daylight savings in the state, but 40% are opposed to the idea, and 5% undecided.

The WA government has been pretty clear that there won't be another referendum (for a while at least), but it's interesting to see where we all stand. We're not the only ones who think so... The West Australian has picked up the poll results once again and we're smack bang on the front page again!


As usual, thanks to everyone who has taken part in our exclusive RV quick poll. Stay tuned for more polls on important issues - who knows where they'll end up...

24th September 2019

Last week, we ran another quick poll to get your views about West Coast Eagles player Willie Rioli’s recent drug scandal and proposed suspension. Over 600 of you had your say, and the majority of AFL supporters — whatever their team — want to see Rioli back playing by the 2021 season.

Well, The West Australian newspaper picked up the poll results and launched them right on to the front page, again! Check it out.


A total of 66% said the ban should be under 18 months. 29% said it should be one year, and 23% said he should only sit out of the game for six months. One in ten think he shouldn’t be banned at all (but, you guessed it, this was led by Eagles supporters!), and at the other end of the spectrum, 13% per cent said he should be banned for life – an opinion more likely to be held by those who don’t follow AFL at all.

2nd September 2019

We fastballed a quick poll recently to our WA community to find out their views towards voluntary assisted dying (euthanasia) and the WA State Government’s bid to legalise it. The results are in, with a whopping 88% in support!

Your voices were heard – in a big way. It made the front page of Monday’s The West Australian and has been shared and talked about by WA Premier Mark McGowan, our Minister for Health Roger Cook, and many more.

It even made it onto Monday’s Sunrise on Channel 7! Thank you to everyone who took part – your voice is important and powerful and it’s helping shape what our Government does to make all our lives better.


Keep an eye out for future quick polls to have your say on Australia's big issues. Don't forget to share RewardingViews with your friends and family too - we all deserve to have a say after all.